Mission Statement

We aim through our worship, education groups, youth organisations, fund ­raising and giving, to be responsive to the Word and Spirit of God; to show the love of Christ to the members and families of the congregation and others in the community; and to express wider care through international mission and aid agencies.



Our Vision is:

  • to be a flourishing place of worship and mission within the community to be a vehicle of outreach and service to the whole of Giffnock

  • to be motivated by evangelical and mission strategies in our proclama­tion of the Gospel

  • to offer healthy and well led youth organisations for our young people to seek to be continually renewed in spirit and purpose through prayer, worship and study

  • to address faith questions and life struggles such as effect our members and others in the community

  • to be continually aware of the needs of others, especially the poor, and to respond to crises and development needs around the world






The purpose of our congregation is:

  • to worship God and to witness for Christ in the community

  • to be a people who offer outreach and service to others

  • to make God’s love real and to support those in need

  • to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching and the sacraments.

  • to offer space to others who play a part in the life of the community